52192 way 1.47 m x 1.47 m x 1.22 m Dikdörtgen Canopy Şişme Havuz 58 "x 58" x 48 "Gölgelik Havuzu Oynamak

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Ucuz 52192 Bestway 1.47 m x 1.47 m x 1.22 m Dikdörtgen Canopy Şişme Havuz 58 "x 58" x 48 "Gölgelik Havuzu Oynamak, Yüksek Kalite 52192 Bestway 1.47 m x 1.47 m x 1.22 m Dikdörtgen Canopy Şişme Havuz 58 "x 58" x 48 "Gölgelik Havuzu Oynamak, Çin Havuz & Aksesuar Tedarikçiler

52192 Bestway 1.47mx1.47mx1.22m Rectangular Canopy Inflatable Pool 58"x58"x48" Canopy Play Pool
Code: 52192
Specifations: 147x147x122cm
Water storage: 260 liters (75%)
Material: 0.25MM plast material
Age: 0-5 years old
Inflatable sun shade
The soft inflatable bottom is more comfortable
- free repair paper
- color box packaging.
Only for Buying by a whole carton:
Weight: 10.5Kg
Packaging: 3PCS/CTN
Volume: 0.04 cub meters
1 inflatable use, the use is completed, can be stored after the release of air. Please do not use washing machine, hair dryer, and chemal agents for cleaning.
For the first time in 2 inflation after 24 hours, because the PVC material has been adapted to play the inflatable requirements, may produce weak slack, as long as the amount of air can be solved.
3 inflation amount, should not be too full, so as not to cause damage to the drum package.
4 avoid the sofa placed in the flame and high temperature objects.
5 avoid pets on the sofa to play, and to keep the ground level of the sofa, to avoid sharp object injury sofa.
6 recommendations in the purchase of products to buy special repair glue standby.
7 children need to play in adult care, do not let children with sharp, hard, to avoid the child to play when the cause of suffocation.
8 storage and cleaning: Bestway products are taken with other brands of different non-tox plastizer, although the cost has increased, but the product is more reliable and non-tox and harmless!
Matters needing attention
1 inflatable furniture: sofa, chairs and mattress, whh does not indate the bearing weight bearing, do not exceed 100 kg;
2 pool type: can not be too inflated, water not more than 80%
3 Inflatable Boats: please according to the order of the air, please wear a life jacket, do not use in the big storm;
4 and not easy to cause fire and weapon contact: puncture, scratch and burn; (repairable)
5 80% foot inflatable, inflatable, plast and easy to cause the bulge (bulge beyond repair);
6 recommendations in the purchase of products to buy special repair glue standby. All products that are used in the water are "non life saving". Please use the appropriate care.
Brand introduction:
Bestway, founded in 1994, specializing in inflatable entertainment supplies and aquat sports products, to create a pool and other outdoor leisure products industry chain. A vertal integration of R & D, manufacturing, sales and logists operation mode. lobal market share in the industry is about 25%
Bestway brand inflatable entertainment products mainly include the ground swimming pool, surfing pool, pool water treatment and filtration equipment, outdoor and indoor useInflatable mattress,Canoeing, largeSurf boardetc.Aquat SportsSupplies, as well as water toys, grass and other products more than 500 kinds of products. Product raw materials are imported from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries, all manufacturing processes are completed in the Bestway\'s 100% holding plant.
Bestway brand products, has its unique, innovative, stylish, practal design style, its process design quality in the industry, reflected in the quality of the products and product safety, the constant pursuit of love.
Thank you very much for your purchase and use of the world famous brand" Bestway "Series plast inflatable entertainment products.
Sold by" Bestway "Series of products are: Sino US joint venture Shanghai Roewe Plast Industry Co., Roewe group\'s production.
(1) convenient and simple is known as "mobile landing pool". When in use, the building can be completed by hand and a screwdriver tough a few simple steps. When not used, can not be folded into the 1/10 space collection, complete set of tools, easy to clean and maintain the swimming pool.
20 health and leisure can be shared by family or friends. When the water is not the first child to play, play the first choe.
(3) using the "Scper-tough" durable polymer materials, anti erosion, abrasion resistance, gasoline, water pressure, light, have enough strength, toughness stronger, normal, you can use 5 years of time.
(4) save money for the purchase pre less than the traditional pool 1/10. Than the traditional swimming pool to reduce the number of water, can be changed for 1 times 1-2 water, reduce water consumption
This product is imported from the United States designated super tough clamping net material with large circulating filter pumps use Oh! Most of the domest materials are relatively thin, and different materials, toughness is not enough, unable to withstand the large pressure of the circulating pump are without filter pump design. So we must change every day the water is very troublesome. While the use of water pump, can make the water filtration cycle, a week does not change the water never mind.
The AQUA material is definitely to withstand the sun and rain. Unlike the traditional swimming pool like space, do not have the time to gather together, but not easy to rupture. Water Leakage leakage is the most suitable for the open air swimming pool arden Beach China family.

Marka Adı bestway
tip havuz
Model Numarası 52192
Birim Tipi parça
Paket Boyutu 10cm x 31cm x 40cm (3.94in x 12.20in x 15.75in)

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